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New Israel Fund for Cinema and Television

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    Israel Story

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    Arts & Culture /

    Media Fund for Coexistence

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    When RPF provided its first grant to Israel Story, the radio program and podcast featuring diverse, first-person accounts of everyday life in Israel had only recently debuted. Six years later, the “This American Life of Israel” has grown to be the most listened-to Jewish podcast in the world. After a strategic planning process supported by RPF, Israel Story is looking to dramatically expand its audience yet again—by growing its staff, producing more content, and launching an ambitious marketing campaign to bolster advertising revenue and sponsorships. RPF’s support will help make it possible for the program to take these steps and continue amplifying stories about the country that recognize and celebrate the humanity of all people.


    Photograph: Mishay Harmon and Benny Becker record the Soul Messengers Choir of Black Hebrews in Dimona. Photograph courtesy Israel Story.

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