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Western States Center

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    Common Good Fellowship

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    Social Justice

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    Led by civil rights strategist Eric K. Ward, Western States Center (WSC) is a national organization working to strengthen inclusive democracy so all people can live, love, worship and work free from fear. In recent years, Ward—who has studied white supremacy for more than 20 years—has focused on combatting antisemitism. For WSC, this means helping social justice organizations understand the ways in which antisemitism animates white nationalism. Building on this work, WSC is launching a fellowship program that will engage a cohort of eight to 12 well-platformed, multidisciplinary leaders who hold local organizing, political, or community power in politically polarized regions. Facilitated by Megan Black (a trusted expert whose work RPF has previously supported), these “Common Good Fellows” will come together over 18 months to learn about antisemitism and White Nationalism and work collaboratively on projects that protect democracy by combatting these threats.

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