Film Submissions

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit an LOI for a fall 2024 grant is Friday, August 9.



If you are requesting a grant for a film project, please note the following in addition to our general grant submission guidelines:

  • Righteous Persons Foundation does not accept any materials related to Mr. Spielberg’s work as a director and producer, even for topics that may be related to our grantmaking.
  • In 2021, Righteous Persons Foundation helped to launch Jewish Story Partners (JSP), a juried fund that provides financial and other support to high-caliber independent films that use fresh, nuanced perspectives to tell stories about the diverse spectrum of Jewish experiences, cultures and encounters. While RPF provides financial support to JSP, the fund is an independent project; RPF is not involved in selecting JSP grantees.
  • RPF’s funding to JSP represents the vast majority of our film funding at this time. However, we do occasionally provide direct support for Jewish film projects.
  • RPF considers films for grants only when a work tape is available for viewing and the film is near completion or is already completed.