Full Proposals

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit an LOI for a fall 2024 grant is Friday, August 9.



Full proposals are requested by invitation only. If the Foundation requests a proposal based upon your initial submission of a letter of inquiry, you will be contacted by a representative of the Foundation and supplied with an outline detailing what information is required. In general, full proposals should include or address the following:

  • A detailed project description including goals and objectives
  • Target audience
  • Marketing plan, if applicable
  • Project timeline
  • Key staff
  • How you plan to measure the project’s impact
  • Long-term plans for funding
  • Financial information including the organizational budget for the last complete fiscal year (showing both projected and actual revenue and expenses), the current year’s projected organizational budget, and a brief paragraph about how COVID-19 impacted your finances (i.e.: did your organization receive government aid, did you have to lay off staff, did you reduce or expand your budget, did you lose donors?). This paragraph should be 100 words or less.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, face-to-face meetings are limited to those organizations from which the Foundation has requested a full proposal.