Meet Our Recent Grantees

  • Auburn

    Senior Religious Fellows

    Auburn brings together religious leaders of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faiths to advance their leadership skills, raise their visibility, and work across religious divides on the key social justice issues of our time. The program takes its inspiration from the successes of the Civil Rights movement. Participants include Rabbi Sharon Brous from Los Angeles; Reverend Gene Robinson, the first openly Gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church; and the Reverend William Barber, founder of the “Moral Mondays” Civil Rights protests in North Carolina.

    Photograph by Nicola Bailey, 2016.

    Amount: $150,000 over two years
    More info: Auburn
  • One Table

    Shabbat Coaching Expansion

    In a 24/7 world, One Table is an organization dedicated to spreading the practice of Shabbat by helping people easily host dinners that are welcoming, highly personal, and inspire sustained ritual. With this grant from RPF, the social network, which was recently featured in the New York Times, will nearly double the number of trained “Shabbat coaches” who help hosts plan and create events imbued with Jewish meaning.

    Amount: $75,000
    More info: One Table
  • YIVO

    Vilna Collections Project

    YIVO’s Vilna Collections Project will create the largest digital library of documents and books related to East European Jewish civilization and the largest online collection of Yiddish-language materials in the world. The global portal, which will be free to access, will preserve the major historical documentary record of Jewish life in Eastern Europe for future generations, and includes materials that were looted by the Nazis during WWII but later recovered. The project is a one-of-a-kind partnership between YIVO, which is a U.S.-based organization, and the government of Lithuania, where part of the original collection remains.

    Pictured: YIVO founder and Research Director Max Weinreich (center) and others examine a portion of the more than 400 crates of original YIVO archival and library collections salvaged from the destruction of the Holocaust and from the pillaging activities of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg at the institute’s NY headquarters. 1947. Photograph by Alexander Archer.

    Amount: $200,000
  • New Fund for Cinema and Television


    Greenhouse brings together filmmakers from countries throughout the Middle East—from Israel to Jordan to Syria to Egypt and more for a year-long fellowship where filmmakers meet to work on scripts with mentors from the likes of Sundance, Tribeca, and Canal Plus. The result: better made films and deep connections between this diverse group of storytellers. To date, 200 filmmakers have participated in the program, 113 concepts have been developed, and 30 films have made it to the screen, including an Israeli film that was nominated for an Academy Award.

    Amount: $100,000
    More info: Greenhouse
  • Katahdin Productions, Inc.

    Who Will Write Our History

    Who Will Write Our History is a 90-minute documentary about Emanuel Ringelblum and the secret archives of the Warsaw Ghetto. Ringlelblum led the Oyneg Shabes, a group of intellectuals that took it upon themselves to archive the stories of their community and then bury them in the ghetto. While the majority of the group was killed in concentration camps, the materials they saved survived, and today historians regard Ringelblum’s Oyneg Shabes Archive as an unequaled achievement of scholarly self-study. This renewal grant further supports the production of the film.

    Amount: $75,000
  • The Kitchen

    Hello Mazel Redesign

    With the goal of making it both more convenient and more meaningful to “do Jewish,” the San Francisco-based start up The Kitchen launched Hello Mazel, a subscription box filled with specialty goods (think food, objects d’art, and other ephemera curated to fit a seasonal Jewish theme) that’s delivered right to subscribers’ doors. Hello Mazel got off the ground thanks to work with the design firm IDEO and the most successful Jewish-related Kickstarter campaign to-date. With RPF’s support The Kitchen will enhance the project’s branding and extend its reach.

    Amount: $100,000
    More info: Hello Mazel
  • JCC Manhattan

    Jewish Film Presenters Network Conference & Online Portal

    The Jewish Film Presenter’s Network develops industry standards and promotes the exchange of ideas to ensure the growth and sustainability of the more than 200 U.S. Jewish film festivals that together reach over 500,000 audience members each year. This grant will support JFPN’s bi-annual gathering and the continued development of the J Film Box, an online resource for the makers and distributors of Jewish films.

    Amount: $50,000
    More info: J Film Box