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Bend the Arc

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    Social Activist Training

  • Program Area

    Social Justice

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    Bend the Arc draws on the long and important tradition of American Jewish action, training Jewish activists and leaders throughout the country and advocating for policies that are fair and just. As the demand for activism has grown (in the 12 months following the November 2016 election, more than 90,000 people engaged with the organization), so has the need to train people in how to stand up for one’s values in ways that are both effective and safe. The importance of safety became even more evident after Charlottesville, and since then Bend the Arc has begun training its members in the technique of non-violent resistance.  With support from RPF, Bend the Arc will continue these trainings and also build on its work with Jews of color, ensuring that these activists can work within a larger Jewish social justice movement committed to fighting both racism and anti-Semitism.

    Photograph courtesy Bend the Arc

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