RPF Grantee


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    General Support

  • Program Area

    Bridging Communities

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  • Amount

    $200,000 over two years

  • Description

    The need for informed and nuanced leadership on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been great; now is no exception. That is where Encounter steps in. A non-partisan organization, Encounter believes that American rabbis, educators, and all Jewish communal leaders must be deeply versed in what is happening in the Middle East in order to lead effectively, regardless of their political views. The organization takes these influencers on excursions to the West Bank and East Jerusalem where they meet Palestinians and have meaningful exchanges both with speakers and one another. With renewed support from RPF, Encounter will continue its core program and ramp up an increasingly important area of work: scaffolding and supporting the network of alumni so they can lead more constructively in their home communities.

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