RPF Grantee

Faith In Action

  • Project

    Multi-Faith Solidarity Project

  • Program Area

    Bridging Communities /

    Social Justice

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    While there is a long history of anti-Semitism in right wing circles, anti-Jewish bias has cropped up in progressive spaces, too, creating obstacles for many American Jews to participate in or support movements with which they share many values. Faith In Action—the largest faith-based community organizing network in the country—is committed to naming and facing this problem. Their plan: to hold regional trainings on the topic of “Race, Anti-Semitism, and Christian Hegemony”  that engage rabbis, congregational leaders, and organizers from diverse backgrounds and are facilitated by a multi-faith, multi-racial group of highly-regarded experts. In addition to educating Faith In Action’s leaders about the intersection of White Nationalism and anti-Semitism, these multi-day gatherings will result in a new curriculum on multi-faith organizing to be used throughout the organization and shared with other groups working toward social justice.

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