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The Witness Institute

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    Fellowship for Emerging Leaders

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    Applying Jewish Wisdom /

    Social Justice

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    Inspired by the legacy of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, the Witness Institute strives to create a more compassionate and just world by sparking “moral activism.” A newer organization led by one of Wiesel’s mentees, Rabbi Ariel Burger, the Witness Institute piloted an ethics-based fellowship in 2021. Rooted in Wiesel’s core teachings, this 15-month-long program is designed to help leaders cultivate the muscles of introspection, collaboration, and problem solving. With RPF’s support, the Witness Institute will conclude its second run of the program, launch its third, and continue to support its growing network of alumni by amplifying their voices and visions for a more moral world.

    Photograph courtesy of David Stuck

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